the bristol hotel harbourside

Workshop Dates

May 14th, 15th

Price for this venue £135

Prince Street Bristol BSI 4QF United Kingdom

Workshop Overview

This is a one day workshop that aims to help you improve your life in many ways.

You will learn and practice how to heal yourself from different issues and ailments, using a new and different healing modality. This system of healing also encompasses Trauma based maladies and how you can effectively remove these from your body and soul.

This workshop is open for those souls searching for a new way to evolve and move forward spiritually by expanding their knowledge and consciousness.

The workshop is ideal for those already in the therapeutic field who are seeking ways to advance their own systems of healing or development, it enables you to go much deeper thereby enhancing your connection with not only yourself but also your clients.

This is an interactive day course which enables you to practice what you are discovering.

The three modalities learnt in the workshop have been used with profound effects, life changing and awakening in a very short time. Understand how this works and how we are all connected by energy and how this changes the way you view your life and world.

Having an open mind and allowing yourself to welcome change is essential.

What is Spiritual Energetics?

'Spiritual Energetics' is a new method of healing past trauma that is held in our mind and in our body, preventing us from reaching our physical and spiritual potential.

1. Conscious Connections:

Will learn about the conscious connection between everything, the spiritual link to us, our spiritual connection etc. How we can connect to ourselves, our spiritual friends, past and present and understand how we can use this connection in our own life to gain knowledge for any purpose. This knowledge will also connect you to spirit guides, angels and your loved ones that have passed. We all have this incredible ability but have just forgotten how to use it.

2. The Heart Energy Connection:

Learn about the heart energy connection and how to use this to influence situations, life challenges and how the energy connected to others can be changed. You create a different world, a different viewpoint and a new way of life. This energy can be used for many things including healing.

3. Spiritual Energetics:

This simple but very effective method of healing can be learnt in one short session, this then can be used anytime by yourself and can also be given to friends and family.

Spiritual Energetics can change your life, heal and remove all past trauma that is held within your body and soul, thereby enabling your soul to reach its best potential. The energy change that follows has a knock on effect across all aspects of your life as other souls recognise your change in frequency and react accordingly!

When a soul raises their frequency this way, new and exciting opportunities open up before you, when we say that Spiritual Energetics is life changing, we mean it.

Be part of a new complete way of healing and lifestyle, Be well, be happy, be free.

Spiritual Energetics One Day Workshop Itinerary

  • 9.00 Relaxed Meet and Greet with Tea/Coffee
  • 10.00 Workshop Start, Interactive Session
  • 11.15 A talk on Spiritual Energetics with Q&A
  • 12.15 Lunch Finger buffet
  • 1.15 Conscious Connections (Interactive)
  • 2.15 Heart Energy Connection (Interactive)
  • 3.15 Break Time
  • 3.30 Spiritual Energetics (Interactive)
  • 5pm Finish

Throughout the day there will be Drinks, Snacks and a two Course Finger Buffet for lunch.