Heart Energy Connection

The Heart energy connection brings you into alignment with your own consciousness, your heart centre if you would like to call it that. You will understand how you are connected to all, and how to use this to create anything you truly would like in this world.

This sounds complex but it really isn't and should never be difficult, it was never intended to be hard work, hard work is what the world seems to make for us.

The heart energy is the beginning of your journey, one that is accessible to all by choice. You could go on to use this knowledge to move your life forward, bring a passion to reality, gain new connections with people (the right people for you) and to find happiness and enlightenment.

The information is within you, it is never taught to you from me, it is just being re discovered, this forgotten ability lies dormant waiting to be utilized. This can be understood within an hour and you will be able to feel and see the benefits straight away. Love is the only way, everything is love, everything goes and comes from love.