Case Study

Case Study "Jane Smith"

Mrs Jane Smith, Age 40, Married Mother to one teenage son.

Jane came to see me in July 2017 with symptoms of unrelenting Fatigue with acute anxiety. She explained that her fatigue was a daily battle but that the anxiety was usually triggered by going out to anywhere new and that when her anxiety is at its worst, she struggles to go out at all.

Jane continued to describe her feelings of hopelessness with her life and that she felt that her life was such an uphill battle with these symptoms, that she did not want to spend the rest of her days this way.

She was most upset about the impact that this was having on her family life and particularly her teenage son, who she wanted to be more involved with his school activities but found this increasingly difficult to negotiate due to her daily problems with lack of any energy. She described how she had to meter out her time/energy and plan ahead for any activities and then planning in time to rest afterwards, as any amount of stress or activity usually resulted in her spending many days on the sofa.

I got a real sense of her sadness and frustration, she was candid enough to talk openly with me about her daily struggles.

Once we had established Jane’s symptoms we then proceeded on to her Spiritual Energetics healing session.

Jane performed her Head Scan and described a large black mass over her right eye and forehead, we did not look into this trauma block ( this is not required for removal, it is entirely at the discretion of the client if they wish to view which trauma caused the block) I sensed as I tuned in to her that this Trauma had occurred when she was eleven years old and Jane confirmed this to be the case.

We now proceeded to go through the removal process and Jane described her colours in detail and then confirmed that the block had been removed and she was surprised to feel a Popping sensation

( this is not uncommon )

Jane’s Block took only minutes to remove and she said that she already felt lighter and also rather tearful at the same time ( also common ) We then asked brain to give her a time line of healing ( the process whereby the body catches up and heals the physical symptoms ) she replied that Brain had stated clearly 3 Weeks for healing to be completed.

As is the norm, I advised Jane to increase her intake of vitamins and minerals to support her body during the next few weeks, we also talked about food and nutrition, she was interested in Iodine so I gave her The Iodine Protocol …...Please ask for details.

One month after Jane’s healing session she had a short follow up appointment with me and we reviewed her progress.

Jane was excited to report that her energy levels were off the scale ( her words ) and she was not sleeping in the afternoon any more. She felt optimistic about the future and had also lost weight without even trying! Her friends and family had noticed a change in her, not only her energy but her Joie de vivre had returned and everyone was happy.

She stated that the energy return was gradual process and each day she noticed subtle differences for the better and marvelled at how such a simple process had made such a big impact on her health.

We discussed after-care for the future, which included Trauma Block removal for herself and others she may wish to pass the system on to.

Jane is a classic example of how this system works, its simplicity and usability for all souls, it does not require many sessions with a healer, once the system is learned it can be used as often as is needed and can be easily taught to others.

Jane continues to email me periodically and keeps me up to date with her life and health and so far all is continuing well and she has even removed other Trauma Blocks herself with good results.